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Oracle to Snowflake:
Why the Move?

The data economy is here to stay! Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to ditch the traditional Oracle environment and switch to Snowflake for high computational power, unmatched agility & scalability, convenience of ‘fully-managed’, and capability of handling semi-structured data. Compunnel Data Migrator, our holistic solution, can help you migrate to Snowflake faster with the highest level of automation.

Oracle to Snowflake: Why the Move?

Effective Migration: What Holds You Back?

Businesses encounter multiple challenges while trying to leverage the speed
and scalability of Snowflake. The major ones are-

Cloud Validation Compliance

Cloud Validation Compliance

Safeguarding sensitive data during the validation phase encompassing testing, tuning, tooling, and re-sizing.

Integration Challenges

Integration Challenges

Tackling various dependencies and entanglements that block a straightforward path to seamless migration.

Improper Data Sync

Improper Data Sync

Addressing disruptions caused in production and resource consumption due to continuous movement of bulky data.

Incorrect Data Analysis

Incorrect Data Analysis

Having analysis frameworks with ineffective data feeding, which fall short of required capabilities to fuel migration.

Compunnel Data Migrator: One Solution, Many Benefits

A perfect solution tailored to modern day businesses like yours for faster and low impact migration, all the while ensuring high performance and secured data transfer.

Automated Conversion

80% to 90%

Automated Conversion

Reduced Development Time

Upto 80%

Reduced Development Time

Cost Savings

Upto 70%

Cost Savings

How CDM Can Drive Your
Pace of Migration?

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Our Recent Work

Leading Education Solutions Provider Realized Savings of
$2M in 5 years with Compunnel Digital Migrator

The Problem

For enhanced operations, the client wished to reduce its high data warehouse operating costs and move to a single cloud-native data warehouse and centralize all reporting needs.

  • High operating costs of its on-premise data platform, Oracle, led to increasing transition towards pay-per-use infrastructure on the cloud.
  • Maintenance of individual data warehouse applications per user was extremely challenging and expensive.
  • Constrained storage and sluggish computing power of existing platforms made it tough to scale as per changing workloads.
  • Consolidate multiple, disparate ETL tools into a single enterprise-wide data warehouse arouse was need of the hour.

The Compunnel Edge

Our best-in-breed solution not only warranted fast delivery times but also omni-channel performance and personal attention for targeted experiences.

  • The migration inventory was identified accurately during the discovery phase so no redundancies were carried forward.
  • An entirely new data warehouse architecture with Snowflake was designed and all ETL tools such as, Perl, Informatica PowerCenter, Pentahol, and more, were consolidated into a single cloud-based accelerator “Compunnel Data Migrator”.
  • This enabled a clear demarcation between staging, data warehouse and, DataMart layers, which wasn’t the case earlier.


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